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Our partnerships with Red River College (RRC), Université de Saint-Boniface (USB), The University of Winnipeg’s (UW) Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE) Division, and UW’s Adult Learner Services provide students with opportunities to complete a rich blend of courses and practical experiences.

Red River College

Stream C is an expansion of a long-standing, joint program between The University of Winnipeg (UW) and Red River College (RRC). By combining the resources of both institutions, students are able to earn both a two-year diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE) at RRC and a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Developmental Studies (Child Development and Child Care) at UW in a four-year period of full-time study. Stream C is a professional program particularly designed for those who wish to pursue the area of early childhood development and those who seek classification as an Early Childhood Educator III under the regulations of Manitoba Family Services and Labour. For more information, visit the RRC website, or contact Jane Botting, Student Records Officer, RRC, at 204.632.2328.

Université de Saint-Boniface

Graduates of the two-year ECE program from USB    also receive 30 credit hours of advanced standing towards a BA in   Developmental Studies. The University  recognizes the USB and RRC   programs as equivalent. For more information, contact Louise LaFlèche,   Coordinatrice. Éducation de la jeune enfance, École technique et   professionnelle, Université de Saint-Boniface, 200 avenue de   la Cathédrale, Saint-Boniface (Manitoba) R2H 0H7. Telephone: extension 735, sans frais: 1.888.233.5112. E-mail: LLafleche@ustboniface.mb.ca or visit: www.ustboniface.mb.ca

Articulation   with the Advanced Diploma in Leadership in Early Childhood Care and   Education Program (ECCE) through the UW Professional, Applied and Continuing Education   (PACE)

The new Advanced Diploma in Leadership in Early Childhood Care and   Education is a leadership-development program designed for childcare   professionals who already have experience in the childcare field, e.g.,   childcare directors, educators, advocates, policy analysts, trainers,   and supervisors. This advanced diploma provides a unique combination of   courses from the PACE Professional Studies Program Area and Developmental   Studies, Stream C. The Advanced Diploma includes the following courses:   DEV-3100(3) The Child, Family and Social Policy; DEV-3610(3) Topics in   Leadership in Early Childhood Education; and DEV-3630(3) Advanced   Internship. Students are encouraged to download the handbook that can be found on the PACE website (click on the link above to go to the site).

Application Procedures

Students must apply for the Advanced Diploma in Leadership in ECCE   through the Professional, Applied and Continuing Education and, at the same time,   complete an application for admission to the Faculty of Arts and Science   (only one admission fee will be charged). Original documentation must   accompany the applications for admission. For more information, consult   the UW PACE website, or  contact Ashlie Wilson at 204.982.1179, or a.wilson@uwinnipeg.ca

Students admitted to the Advanced Diploma in ECCE must complete the   PACE courses prior to registering for the three Arts and Science   degree-credit courses and obtain permission from academic advisor,   Barbara Read. Students who have completed the PACE courses and are ready   to register for the degree-credit courses should contact Barbara Read a   minimum of 3-6 months prior to the start date of the degree courses to initiate   the Faculty of Arts and Science admission and registration process.

Students receive a waiver of the prerequisite PSYC-2200(3)   Developmental Psychology I, only for DEV-3100(3). The Child, Family and   Social Policy. Students receive a waiver of the prerequisites listed in   the course descriptions for DEV-3610(3) Topics in Leadership in Early   Childhood Education and DEV-3630(3) Advanced Internship.

Contact Information:

  • Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE), Director of Professional Studies Program: Kim Loeb: 204.982.1169; k.loeb@uwinnipeg.ca
  • Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE),  Program Manager of Professional Studies: Ashlie Wilson: 204.982.1179; a.wilson@uwinnipeg.ca
  • Developmental Studies Program Director: Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk, 204.804.1793; s.skwarchuk@uwinnipeg.ca
  • Student Services, PLAR Coordinator/Adult Learner Advisor: Stephanie Rozzi, 204.786.9972; s.rozzi@uwinnipeg.ca

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

PLAR is an educational initiative that allows those individuals with extensive   experience in the childcare field to obtain credit for equivalent   university-level knowledge and skills gained outside the classroom. PLAR   uses valid, rigorous assessment methods which ensure that learning   worthy of credit has taken place. For further information, consult the   UW General Calendar, go to adultlearner.uwinnipeg.ca, or e-mail Stephanie Rozzi at s.rozzi@uwinnipeg.ca