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Open opportunities:

Research Assistant, Social Housing and Human Rights: Organizing for Change - University of Winnipeg (northstarats.com)

Other sites and spaces to watch for opportunities.

The Manitoba Research Alliance (MRA)

The MRA has a student contact form which you can fill out here. The MRA uses this form to connect with students who may be a good fit on MRA funded research that are seeking student research assistants.  

Community-Based Research Canada (CBRC)

CBRC offers a range of events and programming, including earlier this year offering nine-week certification courses in community-based research. You can find more details here, just a reminder that both the University of Winnipeg and Manitoba Research Alliance are institutional members of (CBRC) and so if you are employed or study with either, you are also a member of CBRC. 

The Oral History Centre (OHC)

OHC provides training, space, and equipment for conducting Oral History. To become a member you must attend their frequent Introductions to Oral history. These often two part workshop area prerequisite for joining the OHC as a member, allowing you access to their space, equipment, and expertise in audio and digital storytelling. 


This page is updated periodically as opportunities arise. If you would like your opportunity listed please contact us.