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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provide operation direction and visioning for the CBRTC


Steering Committee Members

${name} CBRTC Program Assistant
Dagen Perrott

Dagen Perrott (he/him) is the Program Assistant for the Community-Based Research Training Centre. His role involves coordinating CBRTC events and communications, general administration, and supporting the long-term vision of the steering committee.

${name} CBRTC Co-Lead, MRA Principal Investigator
Dr. Shauna MacKinnon

Dr. MacKinnon, Professor and Chair, Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies, has conducted research on social and economic issues for over 20 years with a focus on public policy, poverty and inequality. As described in her 2018 edited book, Practising Community Based Research: Stories of Engagement, Empowerment and Mobilization, Dr. MacKinnon subscribes to a social justice, community-led research approach to research, actively engaging with community partners beyond research to mobilize knowledge and use research as a tool to advocate for progressive change.

Dr. MacKinnon’s interest in expanding student and community-researcher involvement in community-based participatory research, inspired the idea of establishing a CBRTC at the University of Winnipeg, in partnership with the MRA.

Dr. MacKinnon was also a presenter on the February 16th CBRTC panel discussion on Community-Based Research.

${name} CBRTC Co-Lead
Julie Chamberlain

Julie Chamberlain, Assistant Professor, Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies, has been involved in community-based research for over a decade, training students and community researchers in Toronto, Hamburg, and now Winnipeg. She is interested in a spectrum of community-engaged and participatory approaches to doing research and sharing knowledge, with a focus on knowledge and action for anti-racist and anti-oppressive change. You can find out more about her work at http://juliechamberlain.org

${name} MRA Project Coordinator
Andrée Forest

Andrée Forest (elle/she/her) is the Project Coordinator for the Manitoba Research Alliance at the CCPA. She helps communicate the results of MRA research creatively. She has an MA degree in Public Administration from Queen's University and a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Winnipeg.