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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee guides the activities and vision of the CBRTC


Steering Committee Members

${name} CBRTC Co-Lead
Julie Chamberlain

Julie Chamberlain, Assistant Professor, Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies, has been involved in community-based research for over a decade, training students and community researchers in Toronto, Hamburg, and now Winnipeg. She is interested in a spectrum of community-engaged and participatory approaches to doing research and sharing knowledge, with a focus on knowledge and action for anti-racist and anti-oppressive change. You can find out more about her work at http://juliechamberlain.org

${name} MRA Project Coordinator
Jess Klassen

Jess Klassen (she/her) is the Manitoba Research Alliance Coordinator (MRA) at CCPA Manitoba. She returned to CCPA in February 2023, having previously worked with the MRA from 2014-2019 as a grant administrator and community-based researcher. Jess holds a Master of Social Work with a focus on communities, policy, planning, and organizations from Wilfrid Laurier University.

${name} CBRTC Co-Lead, MRA Principal Investigator
Dr. Shauna MacKinnon

Dr. MacKinnon, Professor and Chair, Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies, has conducted research on social and economic issues for over 20 years with a focus on public policy, poverty and inequality. As described in her 2018 edited book, Practising Community Based Research: Stories of Engagement, Empowerment and Mobilization, Dr. MacKinnon subscribes to a social justice, community-led research approach to research, actively engaging with community partners beyond research to mobilize knowledge and use research as a tool to advocate for progressive change.

Dr. MacKinnon’s interest in expanding student and community-researcher involvement in community-based participatory research, inspired the idea of establishing a CBRTC at the University of Winnipeg, in partnership with the MRA.

Dr. MacKinnon was also a presenter on the February 16th CBRTC panel discussion on Community-Based Research.

${name} Program Assistant
Dagen Perrott
Email: da.perrott@uwinnipeg.ca

Dagen Perrott (he/him) is the Program Assistant for the Community-Based Research Training Centre. His role involves coordinating CBRTC events and communications, general administration, and supporting the long-term vision of the steering committee.

${name} Senior Research Assistant
Kayleigh Russel
Email: k.russell-ra@uwinnipeg.ca

Kayleigh Russell (she/her) is a Senior Research Assistant for the Community-Based Research Training Centre. As a recent graduate of the Urban and Inner-City Studies program, Kayleigh believes in the importance of community-led research as a pathway towards change. She collaborates with community organizations, academic researchers, and students to carry out action-oriented, community-based research projects.