CAIJ Talks

The CAIJ organizes a Politics of Information Colloquium Series that draws together faculty and graduate students from across the social sciences and humanities.

*Accessing Information on Immigration Detention and Deportation in Canada: Toward Carceral Transparency, with Professors Sarah Turnbull and Joao Velloso,

DAY: MAR 10, 2022
TIME: 1230pm-230pm CST

*The Craft of Computational Social Science, with Alex Luscombe, Jamie Duncan and a Panel of Amazing Computational Social Scientists

DAY: JAN 13, 2022
TIME: 5pm-730pm CST

*Moving to Independent News in Canada and Why it Matters, with Robyn Smith of The Tyee, Dani Paradis (freelance), Martin Lukacs of The Breach, Steph Wood of The Narwhal, and Jen Osborne (freelance)

DAY: DEC 14, 2022
TIME: 630pm-800pm CST



Some talks available to view on the CAIJ Youtube Channel

*Access to Information and Nonfiction Media: Contrasting U.S. and Canadian State Archives and Access Approaches, Andrea Conte (Filmmaker) Aug 17, 2021; Zoom.

*Access to Information in the Time of COVID-19: Obstacles and Opportunities in Canadian Journalism, Elyse Amend and Margaret Thompson July 6 2021; Zoom.

*The Prison is Always Spreading: Carceral Spaces, Criminalization, and Abolition in the Age of Pandemics El Jones, PhD Candidate June 3 2021; Zoom.

*The Craft of Finding Records in the Archives, Sarah Ramsden, Senior Archivist, City of Winnipeg Archives LOCATION: 2M70 DAY: Wednesday, MARCH 26 2020 TIME: 1130am-1230pm

*Finding Stories in Data, Michael Pereira, data journalist at Winnipeg Free Press LOCATION: 1L07 DAY: Wednesday, MARCH 11 2020 TIME: 1220pm-130pm

*Digging for Data, with Tom Cardoso, crime and justice reporter at The Globe and Mail LOCATION: 2M70 DAY: Wednesday, FEBRUARY 26 2020 TIME: 1220pm-130pm

*Data Science in Canadian Newsrooms: Media's Foray into Social Sciences, Jacques Marcoux, data journalist, CBC News LOCATION: 1L07 DAY: Wednesday, JANUARY 29 2020 TIME: 1220pm-130pm

*How to Use Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests in Social Science, Kevin Walby LOCATION: The Hive (UWSA space) DAY: Wednesday, JANUARY 15 2020 TIME: 1220pm-130pm