Prerequisite Policy (2019)

Mon. Jun. 17, 2019

BUS Prerequisite Waiver Policy

The minimum C+ requirement for more advanced courses will NOT be waived.  If students do not achieve the minimum grade required, the student must retake the course prior to being allowed to continue in BUS courses.  For example, a C+ is required in BUS 1201 to take BUS 2013 and BUS 2440.  This requirement will NOTbe waived.

MATH 40S Applied or Precalculus or the equivalent is required for a BBA degree and is a prerequisite for BUS 2002 and BUS 2501. This requirement will not be waived. Please obtain the necessary prerequisites for these courses.

Students seeking permission to take a course for a third attempt must wait until the beginning of class to see if there is room available in the class.  If room is available, a waiver request will be considered.  Waivers can only be issued by the department chair at the beginning of classes

Please note:  Fourth attempts for BUS courses will NOTbe granted.  Students should make sure that they are well positioned to be successful in the third attempt; this may mean taking additional writing or math courses and / or MUTLI 1000.