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Our Program

Our program is thesis based, meaning that students must complete a major thesis in an area of interest to the student under the supervision of a professor within the Faculty of Science at the University of Winnipeg. Students are also required to take a minimum of 12 credit hours in the areas of Bioscience, Technology and Science Policy to help round out their training during the program. (See fact sheet for admission and graduation requirements.)

Students require a professor in the Dept. of Biology (or another science department at the University of Winnipeg with staff affiliated with the Bioscience program e.g. Environmental Studies and SciencesGeographyChemistryPhysicsAnthropologyPsychology) to act as their sponsor and supervisor for the MSc project. Our advice is to examine the research interests of professors in Biology or other departments to determine if there are research projects that interest you. If there is a project of interest you can contact the professor to determine if they will be taking on any new graduate students in the future and to determine their interest in being a sponsor for your application and a supervisor for your project.

All the information you need to apply including the application form is available on the University of Winnipeg Graduate Studies website. In order to meet entry requirements a minimum 70% undergraduate average is required from a recognized 4-year science based program and there must be no grade less than a C+ in the last two years of the undergraduate program on the official transcript. Applications are reviewed by both the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Dept. of Biology Graduate Studies Committee to determine eligibility and acceptance into the program. If you cannot find a supervisor/sponsor for your application you can still apply to the program and if your application meets all the application criteria we will keep it on file for one year in the event that a professor is looking for new students to supervise in the future.