Curriculum Forms

Summary Sheet [DOC]

New Course Proposal [DOC]

Changes to Major/Degree Requirements [DOC]

Revisions to Existing Course [DOC]

Course Deletion Proposal [DOC]

Experimental Course Proposal [DOC]

Minor Area of Study Proposal [DOC]

Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR) - See this link for the ICR consult form and process:

Attachment 1: Relations with Other Programs [DOC]

Attachment 2: Library Resources [DOC]

See also:

  • Articulation between Academic Planning and the Senate Curriculum Committee, revised Nov. 2014 [DOC]
  • Curriculum Guidelines and Information [PPT]
  • Curriculum - Advice for some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [DOC]
  • Field Work Policies [DOC] and Procedures [DOC]
  • Resources on evaluating:
    • Participation [DOC]
    • Samples of quantifiable participaction rubrics [DOC]
    • Experiential Learning [PDF]
    • Critical Learning [PDF]