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2024-2025 Academic Calendar Overview

The Undergraduate Academic Calendar is a comprehensive document that covers all the University’s rules and regulations, degree and program requirements, and course descriptions for all undergraduate programs. (It is posted below as a series of PDFs.)

Use it as a catalogue to browse through courses and explore different departments.

Use it as a reference tool to check important dates, degree and major requirements, appeal procedures, and other important information.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All course descriptions in all academic departments are now contained in one large "ALL COURSE DESCRIPTIONS" PDF (instead of descriptions contained within each departmental pdf). 
TIP:  To search the large PDF more easily, download and open it using Adobe Reader and you'll see bookmarks of the departments.

Important Notes/What's New for 2024-2025 [PDF]

Dates for the 2024-2025 Academic Year [PDF]

Glossary of Terms [PDF]

The University [PDF]

  • Degrees Offered
  • Mission Statement

Admission [PDF]

  • Admission Process
  • Admission into a Program of Study
  • Student Admission Categories
  • Forfeit of Previous Credit (Three Year Statute of Limitations)

Regulations and Policies [PDF]

  • Information and Advice
  • Regulations pertaining to Registration
  • Classroom Regulations
  • Grading
  • Transcript of Academic Record
  • Challenge for Credit - Assessing Prior Learning (PLAR)
  • Academic Standing Status Evaluation
  • Student Discipline
  • Senate Appeals
  • Grade Appeals
  • University Policies and Codes
  • Graduation

Degree and Major Requirements [PDF]

  • Information and Advice
  • General Degree Requirements
  • The Major
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements
  • Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Requirements
  • Bachelor of Education Degree Requirements - refer to "Areas of Study - undergraduate" below, in the "Education" pdf
  • Bachelor of Physical and Health Education Requirements
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology Requirements
  • Second Bachelor Degree Requirements

Important Related Links

Areas of Study - undergraduate [link to list of PDFs]

All Course Descriptions [PDF]
:  If you are unable to see bookmarks of the sections in the PDF, download and open using Adobe Reader.


Other Programs [PDF]

  • Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE)
  • English Language Program
  • The Collegiate
  • Menno Simons College
  • Research Institutes and Centres
    • Centre for Access to Information and Justice
    • Aurora Family Therapy Centre
    • Canada Research Chairs
    • Research Centre on Co-operative Enterprises
    • H. Sanford Riley Centre for Canadian History
    • Centre for Research in Cultural Studies
    • Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research
    • Global College
    • Centre for the Liberal Arts and Secular Society
    • Oral History Centre
    • Prairie Climate Centre
    • Centre for Rupert's Land Studies
    • Centre for Terrestrial and Planetary Exploration
    • Winnipeg Institute for Theoretical Physics
    • Institute of Urban Studies
    • The Centre for Research in Young People's Texts and Cultures
  • Brandon University Psychiatric Nursing Program

    Graduate Studies - Please refer to the separate Graduate Academic Calendar.