Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications

Students who major in Rhetoric and Communications practise writing in a variety of genres and read contemporary non-fiction, analyze visual and verbal texts, trace the impact of print and electronic media on western culture, and – through the study of theory and close attention to textual practices – examine how ideology is embodied in discourse. Students with a B.A. in Rhetoric and Communications can enter graduate studies in such fields as Communications, Composition, Media Studies, and Rhetoric. They are also well prepared for public- and private-sector careers that depend on advanced analytical and communicative skills, especially in writing.

Spring Term, 2017 (PDF)

Fall, 2016 to Winter, 2017:
Student Handbook with Course Descriptions [PDF]
Course Descriptions [PDF]

Cathleen Hjalmarson (Monday to Wednesday)

Premika Perera (Thursday, Friday)

3rd Floor of Graham Hall
University of Winnipeg
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