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Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

At the Writing Centre, we seek to help students be the best writers they can be. That means honoring students’ rights to their own language while cultivating an awareness of language practices used in the academy and a variety of other places. Part of what it means to write in a university means the ability to research and listen to evidence, craft reasoned arguments, and engage in deliberative and compassionate thinking. We honour the charge given by the National Council for Teachers of English to help “foster responsible and respectful inquiry and discussion across a range of public, academic, and civic contexts.”

This means that the University of Winnipeg’s Writing Centre seeks to be a safer space for student writers who represent a wide range of perspectives. We hold a zero-tolerance policy for bigotry in any form, which means we reject practices that engage prejudices based on race, sex, religion, gender expression, sexual orientation, nationality, ability, socioeconomic status, body type, or age. It is our hope that by challenging and critiquing such forms of oppression, that we contribute to a more just vision of both university spaces and what it means to live in a deliberative democracy.