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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me to a consultation?

Please bring whatever writing you already have and the assignment sheet from the instructor. If you are working with research, it can also be helpful if you bring any article or book you need help referencing or citing. If you are having trouble getting started writing, bring the assignment sheet from your instructor.


Will you proofread/edit my paper for grammar mistakes?

At the Tutoring Centre, our focus is helping you become a better writer. Because of that, we do not proofread or edit students’ papers. Instead, we will work with you to help you learn about writing, discover areas in which your writing can improve, and learn about how to resolve issues in your writing.

Will you help me with grammar?

Absolutely! We will work with you through instruction to address concerns about your grammar. We can read through your paper together to discover areas where you are struggling with grammar, and then work to address those issues. However, we will not look through your paper for every error, or “fix” your paper.

How long are consultations? After a session, can I work with another consultant or can I come back later for more help?

Consultations typically last up to one hour. Consultants cannot comment on everything, nor should they. Too much feedback can overwhelm writers and detract from higher-priority concerns. It is also important that you have ownership over your own work and use the guidance we provide to learn to revise your own work.

Can I drop off my paper and pick it up later?

No. We work one-to-one with students on their papers in order to help them become better writers. Our sessions typically last one hour and will focus on your primary concerns about your writing or project.

Can I print out my paper at the Tutoring Centre?

You can print out your paper in the Computer Lab (3G10), next door to the Tutoring Centre, during open lab hours.

Can we look at my paper on a computer?

If the Computer Lab in 3G10 is open and there are computers available for use, we can look at your paper on it together. However, they are not always available, so it is best if you bring your printed out paper with you, or bring your own laptop.