Writing Centre


The University of Winnipeg’s Tutoring Centre offers free one-to-one peer tutoring in writing in our Centre, located in 3G11.

We also offer Friday drop-in tutoring on a variety of subjects during the Fall and Winter terms.  

The goals of writing tutoring are to facilitate the processes that lead to better writers, helping all students become better at identifying problem spots in their own writing and becoming better readers of their prose. Peer tutors aim to create a customized session for writers, focusing on writing concerns such as organization, argument development, supporting claims, specifics of working within an academic genre, audience awareness, and developing critical thinking. For more developed drafts, tutors can also guide writers through how to become better editors of their own work.

No matter what kind of session you book, our focus is helping you become a better writer. Because of that, we do not proofread or edit students’ papers. Instead, we will work with you to help you learn about writing, discover areas in which your writing can improve, and learn about how to resolve issues in your writing.