University of Winnipeg Retirees Association (UWRA)

Excellent Results for our Scholarship Endowment

Ed Byard, our Scholarship and Bursaries representative, reports that UWRA punches above its weight in donations to the Annual UW Campus Fundraising Campaign (about 10% of all donations). This past year, retirees contributed $41,637.87 and participation was 14.7%, up from 12% last year!

AND EVEN BETTER, in order to reduce the pandemic’s effect on post-secondary students, the province provided additional money for the University to distribute. This additional funding allowed the UWRA awards to be fully matched from the Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative (MSBI). Thus, this year we were able to provide one additional $3,000 Scholarship and two additional $1,000 Bursaries!

From humble beginnings, in just over a decade, your continuous generosity has built a Scholarship worth $3,000 and two Bursaries, each with a value of $1,000. This is a remarkable achievement, one in which every donor should take great personal pride.  Pride not only in the dollar values, but pride in the fact that the criteria for both Scholarship and Bursaries go beyond excellent academic records. We want our recipients to be community citizens, people who volunteer their time and talents to some of our society’s most worthwhile causes, on and off campus.  And we have told you about each and every one of them in the form of our periodic Newsletters and Reports to the Annual General Meeting. From those communications, you will know that our recipients have come from Business Administration, Chemistry, Education, Global Studies, Human Rights, Physics, Psychology, Sociology and Geography.  And you will not have forgotten that all but four of our outstanding recipients have been women.

Thanks to your cherished financial support and to the University’s annual distribution of funds made available by the Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative, since 2010 we have generated three awards with a current market value of $220,000. We are also grateful for the sustained cooperation and support we continue to receive from the University of Winnipeg Foundation. Its website provides all the information you would need for making donations very convenient. 

If you choose to donate online, visit, just select “Other” and type in UWRA Scholarship, or UWRA Bursary, or both!  Charitable receipts for online giving are in your hand within minutes!  

In this Season of Giving, if you are looking for a cause in which you can believe, as well as a surefire investment, do please think of the UWRA Awards.