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Web Finances for Students

The need to provide students with clearer more detailed information about their financial account resulted in the implementation of the Student Financial Views via WebAdvisor for students on May 2, 2013.

These new views provide detailed information about the student account in a clear, easy to understand format.


Account Summary and Payment Information:  New features include  total amount due and due dates for all terms, detailed payment plan information including payment amounts and due dates as well as the total due to the UW. (this is especially helpful if the student is enrolled across schools – they will see the amount due by term (school) as well as a total amount due).


Account Details: New features includes charge details organized by category (ie: Tuition, Incidental fees, health plan fees, miscellaneous charges), detailed payment information including payment amounts and due dates, deposit information, financial aid information.


Student Statement of Account:  The new Student Statement of Account provides detailed information by term:  course schedule, charges details by term, payments by term, payment plan information as well as total balance due.  The statement of account replaces our old Registration statement with a UW branded PDF.


Student Financial Views Admin Screen: This new screen provides specific UW staff members the ability to ‘see what the student sees’ on WebAdvisor. It was always a problem when a student would call and question what they saw on WebAdvisor – UW staff were unable to see exactly what the student was seeing when trying to explain their account.