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Video Production

UW CAT Video Production is a campus-wide resource for the UW academic community. Video is an engaging and motivating medium for education and information sharing and we have a history of success collaborating with the UW Academic community. Video Production is a full in-house service that produces professional quality videos.

To help interpret your ideas and tell your stories in a meaningful way, we offer an assortment of services from short documentary production to event and classroom lecture capture.

We will collaborate with you to design a video approach that will meet your goals and vision. From concept development through to post-production and distribution, our team of videographers are here to make your vision a reality. 


On campus location or studio interviews

Green screen

Multi-camera production

Post Production:

Video Editing

  • Editing is an essential process that will make your video more engaging to the viewer
  • Interview editing and material organization
  • Removal of sensitive or irrelevant material for a more concise viewing experience
  • Breaking apart segments into shorter segments for distribution
  • Format conversions of existing material (subject to copyright)

Sound Design

  • Sound is 80% of the video experience
  • Overall sound sweetening  
  • Record and add voice over
  • Music sourcing


  • UW Brand guidelines are used to identify UW material
  • Editing in presentation material to lectures
  • Identify speakers and their qualifications through customized lower thirds
  • Animated or static opening and closing cards, or credits
  • Animate graphics to visualize data and information

Event/Lecture Capture

UW Video Production offers many options to suit your lecture or event needs. With single camera to multi camera capture, we can capture anything from single presenter lectures and panel discussions to special events and ceremonies.

All bookings and requests can be made with our Video Production Lead, Greg Chase at g.chase@uwinnipeg.ca or 204-789-4212.