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Phone Services and Support for Employees and Faculty

Landline Phones

  • Reassign to new employee or request a new phone
  • Need voicemail or have voicemail issues
  • Phone issues
  • Questions about what your phone can do.

Just contact the Technology Service Desk at servicedesk@uwinnipeg.ca or 204-786-9149 and we will be glad to help you out with your request.




What are the details for the standard plan for UWinnipeg Employee Smartphones?

  • Unlimited calling in Canada to anywhere in Canada and the USA
  • Unlimited texting (SMS) and picture messaging (MMS) in Canada to
    • Anywhere in Canada
    • USA
    • International
  • 5 GB data (pooled)


When am I eligible for an upgrade?

You can upgrade your phone after 2 years. Earlier under special circumstance. Please refer to the Smartphone Guidelines for more details.


How do I Reimburse the University for personal charges on my phone.

Any charges on a monthly bill due to personal use, which exceed $20, should be reimbursed to the University.  Please contact your department administration employee for guidance on submitting the repayment to Financial Services.


How can I tell if I am getting close to using all my allocated data?

With the new cellular plan, if you go over your 5 GB of data, it will pull from the pool of data the university has.  This will eliminate data overages (within reason). “Pool of data” refers the total amount of data that the university has for all smartphones. If you go over your allocated amount of data, it will use data from other accounts that did not use all of their allocated data. You can also text 4444 then type “data” in the message and you will receive a text showing your current usage.


What do I need to do when traveling outside of Canada?

Anyone traveling outside of Canada with a smartphone MUST submit a Travel Request and Authorization Form to the Service Desk, servicedesk@uwinnipeg.ca a minimum of 5 business days prior to your departure.


What happens if I use all my data from my travel plan?

With the new Rogers plan, the university has a tier level for data usage. As you use more data, you move to the next level. You no longer purchase a specific amount of data. Information on tiered levels will be provided when you submit a Travel Request and Authorization form [PDF].


How can I find out my data usage when traveling?

You can text 4444 then type “data in the message and you will receive a text that shows your usage up to that date.