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Cyber Incident Guide

Dealing with a Cyber Incident

If you have been involved in a cyber incident and provided University-related, personal or financial information, please contact the following organizations as appropriate:

If it is University related, contact the Service Desk (786-9149) or Information Security Office (786-9034) immediately.

Call your bank. If your bank account or credit cards are involved, you'll want to report it, and cancel cards, right away to avoid being liable for the losses.

Contact the Winnipeg police at 204-986-6222 or by filling out their online report.

Call Canada's main credit reporting agencies and put a fraud alert on your credit report:

Call Service Canada at 1-800-661-6131 if any of your federally-issued ID was compromised, such as social insurance number or passport.

Call provincial departments if you believe your driver's licence or health card was compromised. For Manitoba residents contact Manitoba Public Insurance or Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living Department.

Call the companies where your identity was used. They will tell you what information they need, whether an investigation has been started and how you can recover the money that was stolen.

Call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) at 1-888-495-8501 or visit www.antifraudcentre.ca to report any incidents of fraud or cyber-related fraud.