Certificates of Insurance

A certificate of insurance provides evidence of the levels of insurance that an organization carries. It provides evidence that coverage in force complies with the requirements of the requesting organization. Certificates may be requested by the University from off-campus organizations or other organizations may request a certificate from the University.

Certificates Requested by the University

Where required, third parties (e.g., contractors, subcontractors, service providers, tenants) will be requested to submit a certificate of insurance to demonstrate compliance with the insurance requirements specified in contracts or agreements. Sometimes, individuals or groups may wish to use University facilities or premises for their own activities that are not sanctioned or sponsored by the University, consisting of various social, cultural and intellectual activities such as lectures, sports activities, field rentals, conferences, films, shows, seminars, workshops and meetings etc. In this case, the other party will be required to provide the University with a certificate of insurance:

  • Commercial General Liability: adding "The University of Winnipeg" as an additional insured; the amount(s) required will be determined by individual request

Contact the Insurance and Risk Management department at rms@uwinnipeg.ca at least two weeks prior to the date the certificate is required and provide the following information:

  • Name of entity/company The University of Winnipeg is requesting the Certificate of Insurance from
  • Name, telephone number and email of contact person at the entity/company
  • Dates of activity for the Certificate of Insurance
  • Name, department and contact information of the University of Winnipeg person responsible for the project

Certificates Requested by a Third Party

Departments and faculties may be requested to provide a certificate of insurance to other parties in connection with University tasks, activities or off campus events/function etc.

If you require a Certificate of Insurance for a third party, please complete the Certificate of Insurance Request form and return it to the Insurance and Risk Management department at rms@uwinnipeg.ca at least two weeks before the event. Please note that if you have an Agreement, Proposal, or Certificate Request Form that relates to the Certificate of Insurance Request please email us a scanned copy or by emailing to rms@uwinnipeg.ca (please include a reference to attachments with the Certificate of Insurance Request).