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Riley Lecture Series

On Wednesday October 19, 2016 The Riley Lectures presented: Dr. Veronica Strong-Boag, a prominent historian of Canada, is Professor Emerita in UBC’s Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice, and Director of the Pro-democracy website

October 19,2016 Dr. Veronica Strong-Boag presented at the University of Winnipeg a lecture titled: The Case of BC Suffragist, City councilor, and MLA Laura Marshall Jamieson (1882-1964)

On Thursday, October 20, 2016  Dr. Strong-Boag also presented at Winnipeg's Millennium Library in the Carol Shields Auditorium for a Lecture titled:Only the Brave: Respect and Suffrage in Women’s Struggle for Canadian Democracy

Democracy requires the exposure of injustice.  This talk by Dr. Veronica Strong-Boag explores how seven woman demanded the respect for human rights that prepared the ground for women’s suffrage victories in Manitoba and Canada.

These woman included Catherine Sutton/Nahneebahweequa, Mary Ann Shadd Cory, Emily Howard Jenning Stowe,Katie McVicar,Emily Pauline Johnson/Tekahionwake, Edith Maud Eaton/Sui Sin Far,Nellie L. McClung.

The Riley Lectures - In Canadian History