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The Riley Lectures in Canadian History

Sponsored by the Riley endowment, The Riley Lectures in Canadian History brings some of the world's foremost scholars to the University of Winnipeg for engaging lectures on the history of our nation. The events are promoted and organized by the History department, and each lecture takes place between September and November each year.

Past lecturers and lectures include:

  • Dr. Brenda Macdougall – Reading Ourselves in the Records: "Metis Relationality as Embedded in Colonial Archives"
  • Dr. Tim Cook – Canada's Great War Legacy: 100 years on
  • Dr. Harvey Amani Whitfield – Slavery in Canada
  • Dr. Sean Kherang – Environmental History – Manifold Destiny: A History of Oil
  • Dr. Veronica Strong-Boag – Writing Biography without a Safety Net: The Case of BC Suffragist, City Councilor, and MLA Laura Marshall Jamieson (1882–1964) and Only the Brave: Respect and Suffrage in Women’s struggle for Canadian Democracy
  • Professor Alessandro Portelli – The Uses of Memory
  • Dr. Stacey Zembrzycki – Baba as Oral Historian: Lessons in Collaborative Practice
  • Dr. Megan Davies – The Inmates are Running the Asylum: Stories from MPA
  • Dr. Susan Hill – Seeking Historical Reconciliation in the Archives: Adventures in First Nations Document Collection and Analysis