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Zoom Privacy Notice

UWinnipeg community members may use Zoom for remote instruction, exam proctoring, and meetings. Everyone who uses Zoom will have some of their personal data collected as part of this delivery. 

Personal data collected by Zoom is stored in data centres in Canada and the USA. Zoom’s data collection has been reviewed for compliance with UWinnipeg’s privacy obligations. UWinnipeg has signed a data protection addendum with Zoom to obtain additional privacy safeguards. Zoom uses security measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access.

Zoom collects certain personal data by default, while other data collection is optional (i.e., the host or individual user may choose not to provide the data to Zoom). Personal data collected includes:

  • User profile: first name, last name, phone (optional), email, password (if single sign-on is not used), profile picture (optional), department (optional)
  • Meeting metadata: topic, description (optional), participant IP address, device/hardware
  • Cloud recordings (optional): Mp4 of all video, audio and presentations, M4A of all audio, text file of all in meeting chats, audio transcript file
  • Instant messaging chat logs
  • Telephony usage data (optional): call in number, call out number, country name, IP address, 911 address (registered service address), start and end time, host name, host email, MAC address of device used

Zoom does not currently disclose information about the number of requests it receives from government agencies for user data, its processes for responding to such requests, or its compliance.

As with any cloud-based service, the use of Zoom may create certain risks. These include:

  • Unauthorized data access to vendor servers
  • Data requests from foreign government agencies
  • Excessive data collection and retention
  • Unwanted commercial solicitation

The impact of these risks can be lessened by using Zoom in a way that is as minimally invasive as possible for your given purpose. For example, joining a Zoom meeting via a web browser and without signing up for a Zoom account exposes less of your personal data. The use of Zoom to communicate highly sensitive personal data such as personal health information, credit card information, and SIN numbers should be avoided. UWinnipeg has configured certain Zoom settings to be minimally invasive.

While local recordings do not transmit personal data to Zoom, note that the following information will be stored on the meeting host's device:

  • User names, Mp4 of all video, audio and presentations, M4A of all audio, text file of all in meeting chats, audio transcript file.

Zoom publishes information regarding its data privacy and security practices at:

UWinnipeg authorizes the collection of personal data under 36(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For information regarding privacy at UWinnipeg, contact the Data Privacy and Compliance Office at privacy@uwinnipeg.ca or call 204.988.7538.