Recording Zoom Lectures

Information and Privacy Office

Academic staff who wish to record their Zoom lectures, for reasons such as:

  • Student connectivity issues that arose during the lecture
  • Because one or more attendees is unable to make the lecture, and it would not be sufficient or appropriate to supply them with the lecture materials afterwards
  • To post the recording on Nexus for students to review at a date and time of their choice

should be mindful of the privacy impacts of such recording.

Depending on how attendees' participate in the lecture, student personal information (name, image, voice, information shared via chat, etc.) may be captured as part of the recording.

Before recording a Zoom lecture, students must be given notice (via the course outline or on a case-by-case basis) that their personal information may be captured. This notice should describe the purpose(s) of the recording and may also include:

  • That students may turn off their cameras / microphones and use pseudonyms to remain anonymous (except where class participation is required)
  • Whether the recording will be used for assessment purposes or simply for convenience
  • How long the recording will be retained before being deleted
  • That students with concerns or who wish to seek alternate arrangements may discuss the matter with the instructor

Access to recordings should be limited to the academic staff, students, and others with a legitimate need. Recordings containing student personal information should not be posted publicly. Store recordings on UW-approved servers (e.g., your network drive available via WebFiles).