Privacy Tips for Remote Work

A number of services are available to support remote work while University buildings remain closed. While the ability to connect to campus from offsite is crucial to the University's continued operation, it comes with privacy (and security) considerations. Consider the following tips when working remotely.

  • Be cautious posting photos of remote workstations to avoid sharing personal information on computer screens, passwords on sticky notes, and personal photographs
  • Turn off home assistants (e.g., Google Home) while working to avoid capture of personal information
  • Use UWinnipeg-sanctioned IT services when working with personal information (avoid downloading your own) and configure settings to be minimally invasive whenever possible
  • Avoid sharing screenshots of online meetings (e.g., Zoom) without participant consent
  • Use passwords and encryption to protect laptops, mobile devices, and USB sticks containing personal information
  • If emailing personal information to colleagues, use password protection whenever possible
  • Lock-up personal information stored offsite
  • If moving records containing personal information from the office to home, never store them in your vehicle
  • Use a very strong password to prevent access to your online accounts
  • Stay cyber-aware and check UWinnipeg's cybersecurity information page for alerts and information protection guidelines to prevent against online threats such as phishing, spam, and scam emails