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Privacy Tips for Remote Work

Advancements in technology and new working models have made it easier for UWinnipeg employees to complete their duties remotely. Many technology services are available to support remote work. While remote work has a number of benefits, it may increase the privacy and security risk to personal information. We are obligated to protect the personal information of students, employees, and other members of the UWinnipeg community no matter where the information is accessed.

Consider the following privacy tips when working remotely:

  • Be careful posting photos of workstations and use virtual backgrounds to avoid sharing material such as personal information displayed on computer screens, passwords on sticky notes, and personal photographs.
  • Ensure non-authorized individuals cannot access, view, or overhear personal information.
  • Turn off home assistants (e.g., Google Home) while working to avoid the capture of personal information.
  • Provide notice when recording virtual meetings and avoid sharing screenshots without participant knowledge.
  • Cover webcams when not in use.
  • Use UWinnipeg-approved IT services and configure settings to be minimally invasive.
  • Understand which services are the most appropriate for a particular remote work situation.
  • Use a very strong password and install updates when prompted to protect devices and accounts.
  • Turn on device encryption and "Find My Device" services whenever possible.
  • Physically secure devices and documents to prevent against theft.
  • Never store devices or documents in a vehicle.
  • Stay cyber-aware and check UWinnipeg's cybersecurity information page for alerts and information protection guidelines to prevent against phishing, malicious attachments, and other online threats.
  • Report privacy breaches immediately.