CASL Decision Map

Information and Privacy Office

The below flowchart provides a quick reference guide to the decision-making process that should accompany the sending of any message that may be considered a CEM under CASL. It should be viewed along with the CASL FAQs, the list of CASL's applicability to common UWinnipeg activities, and other available resources. If you have any doubts regarding the applicability of CASL to a proposed activity, contact the Information and Privacy Officer before proceeding.

It is also important to review every message before sending and watch for "mixed-purpose" messages. This is where the primary purpose of the message is not commercial but some commercial content is also included, such as an advertisement or link for a commercial product or service in an otherwise non-commercial message. This is now a "mixed-purpose" message and CASL may apply.

This is an image of a decision map for the sending of commercial electronic messages