Access to Information FAQs

Information and Privacy Office

Can anyone make a request to see University records?

Yes. Anyone may request access to information contained within records in the custody or under the control of the University. Access may be subject to limited and specific exceptions and the payment of fees. University records include paper records, databases and other electronic records, photographs, maps, plans, audiovisual records, and any other recorded information.

Can a parent or guardian request access to a student’s personal information?

Information about a student’s registration, grades, or other student activities cannot be accessed by a parent or guardian unless the student has provided consent in writing. Click here for a copy of the Authorization for Release of Information Form.

Can University employees or students request information about themselves?

Yes. Employees and students can request access to their personal information or personal health information.

Are original records provided to applicants under FIPPA or PHIA?

When the University grants access to records under FIPPA or PHIA, reproductions are provided in the form of photocopies or, in some cases, electronic records. Delivery format depends on the volume of the records requested, the applicant’s access needs, and the nature of the request.

Can course materials or research be requested under FIPPA?

Generally, no. Proprietary teaching materials and academic research are not subject to disclosure under FIPPA.

Can someone request access to test or exam questions?

Generally, no. Questions intended for use on a test or an exam cannot be requested under FIPPA.