NorWest Community Food Centre

Master’s in Development Practice (MDP): Indigenous Development





The NorWest Community Food Centre is an organization that provides community members access to healthy and nutritious foods and education around food.  Leah McDonnell's placement was dedicated to helping and supporting the various programming at the centre in a myriad of ways.  The activities she participated in ranged from administrative work, attending community outreach meetings that focussed on issues from those who suffer from poverty, community outreach and engagement and working in a community garden.

One of the main jobs Leah was tasked with was creating and implementing a traditional Indigenous medicine garden.  This involved contacting elders and getting one to consult on what and how we would grow the garden, researching the four sacred medicines and of course, planting and maintaining the garden itself.  The other major responsibility of my internship was doing general work in the community garden.  Everything from planting to hauling dirt in to fill planter boxes to maintaining the garden on a daily basis.