Blue Quills First Nation College

Master’s in Development Practice (MDP): Indigenous Development





Barbara Gardner and Ginikachi Obah spent the summer at Blue Quills First Nations College in North East Alberta.

Barbara worked under the supervision of members of the Information Technology department, she developed a questionnaire geared at determining the service requirement of the surrounding business communities. She also worked with the Literacy Department to prepare a funding proposal, which, if approved, will allow Elders to volunteer on Reserve, assisting with teaching literacy and the Cree language among the seven member Nations of the College. 

Ginikachi worked with the Language department was preparing a project on a contract from Alberta Health Services for the translation of four brochures on cancer screening into Cree. He also worked with the IT department to conduct a needs assessment via the telephone to ascertain the needs for the provision of small business services from the department. The survey will also help identify community/market needs currently not being met by the courses offered and identify ways to increase the product offering by the college.