MDP scholarship winners for 2017-2018

Thu. Oct. 26, 2017

The Master’s in Development Practice Program would like to congratulate 6 MDP students for winning 4 different competitive and prestigious scholarships: Ari Phanlouvong, Cassandra Szabo, Erika Vas, Amanda Appasamy, Elijah Yeboah and Temobi Amamkwe.
 MDP Winner of the Research Manitoba Graduate Scholarship in the Social Sciences and Humanities - $17,500, based on academic excellence and to support highly qualified researchers

Ari Phanlouvong Ari Phanlouvong is currently in her 2nd year of the MDP program and has an interest in Indigenous Health Research. She spent 3 months working with The Winnipeg Boldness Project, a partner of the Manitoba Indigenous Doula Initiative (Wiijii’idiwag Ikwewag), on a pilot Indigenous Doula program dedicated to providing expectant mothers with support that is rooted in First Nations teachings and ceremonies. This field placement was the foundation for her for her Major Research Project, where she will be writing about the cultural support for First Nations mothers who travel for birth under Health Canada’s maternal evacuation policy. In November, she will be presenting on the work she has participated in during her field placement at the Annual Indigenous Health Symposium at the University of Manitoba.

 “I was thrilled and honored to learn that I had received Research Manitoba Award. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that have come through this program, and look forward to continuing my work in Indigenous Health Research!”

MDP Winner of 2017 Manitoba Graduate Scholarship (MGS) $15,000, awarded on the basis of academic excellence

Cassandra Szabo Cassandra Szabo is in her 2nd year of the MDP program. She spent the last four months on a field placement in Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation in northern Manitoba working for the Atoskiwin Training and Employment center which acts as a labor market intermediary for the First Nation, and pairs training to job and career opportunities. In September Cassandra also had the opportunity to present her paper “Sustainable Solutions to Economic Development in Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation” at the International Conference on Sustainable Development in New York. This paper which highlights the Hybrid economic theory as utilized in Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation will be the foundation for her major research project, where she will spend the year researching and learning more about Northern Economics. 

MDP Winners of the 2017 University of Winnipeg Graduate Studies Scholarship (UWGSS)$15,000, awarded on the basis of academic excellence and demonstrated commitment to community service

 Erika Vas Erika Vas has commenced her 1st year in the MDP Program. Originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, she completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Lethbridge and was actively involved in the University and Lethbridge communities. She is currently serving as Co-Global MDP Representative and was eager to serve the Winnipeg community by pursuing volunteer and work opportunities with Amnesty International Winnipeg and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Erika’s research interests include on-reserve housing alternatives and she seeks to incorporate her passion of human rights protection and preservation in her studies. She is particularly looking forward to her first placement this summer where she will be able to implement invaluable MDP knowledge and skills and to incorporate her research background and interests. She would like to thank the program staff and instructors for creating a wonderful learning environment. She is grateful to have been selected for the University of Winnipeg Graduate Studies Scholarship and the Master's In Development Practice Award and would like to thank the University of Winnipeg.

“To be a part of the MDP program is to be a part of a great community. Its focuses on respect, reciprocity, and the pursuit of living a Good Life inform who we are as people, our daily practices, and our development work. I’m grateful for these opportunities and continue to look forward to my learning journey."


Amada Appasamy Amanda Appasamy is in her 2nd year in the MDP Program. She has an interdisciplinary focus on important social, economic, environmental and political issues. Amanda has done research on climate change, genetically modified crops, the treatment and etiology of Nodding Syndrome in Sub Saharan Africa and successful psychosocial responses to natural disasters in Manitoba. She completed her three month field placement at the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) this past summer, looking at the incorporation of Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Ecosystem planning and climate change adaptation. Amanda also had the honour of presenting her work on “Addressing Food insecurity with the use of Geothermal Energy” at the International Conference on Sustainable Development in New York in September.

“I am genuinely grateful for this scholarship. I will continue to thrive to make the world a better place every day.”

MDP Winners of the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship (QES) - $30,000, awarded to international students from Commonwealth countries on the basis of academic excellence and demonstrated leadership

Temobi Amamkwe and Mavis Reimer Temobi Amamkwe is from Nigeria and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and International development.  She has volunteered with different international development organisations like the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and different community resource centres in British Columbia: Justice Education Society (JES); Community Against Sexually Exploited Youths (CASEY); and Eagle Nest Community and Aboriginal Services. Temobi's research interest is on designing sustainable development through the use of spirituality in indigenous worldview. In a world where sustainability has not been the norm, people are face with challenges to maintain their traditional sustainability practices and to achieve equity in a challenging world. The recognition of spirituality and strategies can contribute to our collective well-being through an understanding of tradition, environment, knowledge and education for a sustainable future.

"I am pleased to choose MDP because it offers me the opportunities to pursue my intellectual passion, increase my ability to collaborate with variety of people, strengthen my skills and make a positive impact on my learning experiences."


Elijah Yeboah Elijah Osei-Yeboah is a 1st year MDP student. His first degree was in Development Planning from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana and his first master’s degree was in Environment and Development from King’s College London, UK. Elijah's research interests include social capital, the informal sector/economy and the monitoring and evaluation of development projects. Elijah also is the recipient of the President’s Scholarship for World Leaders worth $5,000.

"I have spent almost 2 months in the MDP program now but it is very clear that the comprehensive training I am receiving will make me an all-round development practitioner and give me a better understanding of Indigenous development issues in Canada and globally."

Congratulations to all the scholarship winners!