Kara Passey

Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) in Indigenous Development

Kara Passey Kara Passey is a 2011 graduate from the University of Manitoba with a BFA (Honours) degree, and a recent student from the University of Winnipeg’s Urban and Inner City Studies Program. In their time at the U of M, they completed a 4 year term at the Manitoban newspaper, half of which as the Arts and Culture editor. Passey’s passion for art and music has fueled their participation and organization of creative initiatives such as Cootie Club, ngtvspc, and Winnipeg’s Not Enough Fest – both of which concentrated on creating safe spaces and promoting the participation of women and non-binary people in music. Passey has worked with a group of young women and non-binary people aged 14-20 as part of the Strong Girls, Strong World Winnipeg council. Together the council has learned about the causes and effects of intimate partner violence, and has developed a teaching tool that was shared nationwide. Most recently, Passey works as the Research Coordinator at the Winnipeg Boldness Project, a early childhood development research project located in the north end of Winnipeg, which is grounded in Indigenous teachings and knowledge. Their work at Winnipeg Boldness has allowed them to foster valuable research and evaluation skills, most notably their ability to use community art practices as a research tool.