Oluwabusola Olaniyan

Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) in Indigenous Development

Oluwabusola OlaniyanOluwabusola previously completed a graduate degree in Microbiology and a Masters in Environmental Management (MEM). She is passionate about the environment and desires to save it from the worrisome development of mankind and his rocketing nature towards an unrecognizable existence. The indigenous content of the Masters’ program in Development Practice piqued her interest because she craves for indigenous understandings in sustainable development practice that will foster environmental protection. She is of the opinion that the environment is central to development considering the fact that it envelopes man and his development know-how. Therefore, it is imperative to understand and address development and environmental issues at the grassroots level (think locally) and this will in turn translate beyond the local, state and national levels into an international level towards preserving the world's environment. Thus, this sparked her enrolment in the Masters’ in Development Practice program.

Her exposure to grassroots development projects across Africa and the Middle East is her drive towards seeking working solutions in development and environmental issues respectively. Her educational and career experiences have prepared her for this program, considering her engagement with the profit and non-profit organizations internationally with a particular focus on environmental problems on a global scale. She identifies how culture, beliefs and policies fan the flames of these problems and the consequences of these problems at the grassroots level as well as globally.

The program will enhance her knowledge of the Indigenous peoples through the understanding of the Indigenous ways of life and worldviews. She aspires to utilize her unique multidisciplinary background to bridge science and policy, while achieving her goal of doing development differently by addressing issues around sustainable indigenous-led development in environmental management