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Uchenna Ezeh

Uchenna Ezeh

Hello. My name is Ezeh Uchenna Hilary. I’m from Nigeria, a diverse country in its people, tribe, natural resources, and geography. I am from the southeastern part of Nigeria which is dominated by people of Igbo dissent. I am a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in political science, obtained from Tansian University, Nigeria. This degree has contributed in no small measure towards enriching my knowledge in Politics and its theories, comparisons, and analysis. My country is a developing nation plagued by corruption, tribalism, and injustice. My Father has always been my source of motivation and inspiration. Growing up, I listened to him his experiences on how he has delivered humanitarian aid to the stateless and vulnerable persons in conflict-affected regions in Nigeria. These shared experiences fuelled my motivation and love for social justice and equity and contribution towards alleviating the sufferings of victims of conflict especially vulnerable persons in society (women and children).

I also have a background as a member of the Nigerian Society of Red Cross during my Mandatory Youth Service Program; my team underwent a quarterly IDP camp medical outreach for a year. One of the IDP camps visited was in Kuchi Goro, a local town in Abuja, Nigeria where we discovered that the socioeconomic rights of the IDPs and refugees were being violated. This issue can only be tackled through understanding the indigenous ways of life of the people of this local community. I discovered also that the indigenous culture and knowledge of the people are paramount and that it is important to address them if we must attain sustainable development.

I consider myself to be a responsible and motivated student who has a high sense of team spirit and is always willing to learn, seek new experiences and meet new people. During my bachelor’s degree programme, I was diligent in my academics and extracurricular activities. With my dedication to achieving success in my dreams.

I love to read about history and cultures. I also love to travel, listen to and make music, and play basketball.

I hope that my dream to contribute to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals is achievable after obtaining a master’s degree in Indigenous development.