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Nowsheen Kamal

Nowsheen KamalGreetings and salutations! This is Nowsheen from Bangladesh. I come from a land full of festivals, colors, diversity, and a passionate history of freedom & development. As a former BBA student, I have traversed the realm of spreadsheets, pie charts, corporate spirals, and commercial grandiose. Right after completing my undergraduate studies, I worked as an area manager of Grameenphone Ltd, the leading telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh. I had to travel to quite a lot of remote and developing areas of the country as a part of the job.

Despite being a business student, I have always found my passion to align with social development activities. All my undergraduate life, I was involved with voluntary and/or non-government organizations championing the rights of the underprivileged, marginalized communities, and brave souls navigating the transgender and female narrative. From quelling flood emergencies to untangling the enigma of COVID-19, I never ran out of motivation and ardor.

Mostly, I have worked with underprivileged children and the marginalized "Hijra" community (A culturally enriched transgender community in South Asia.) In the last five years, I have organized several campaigns for them such as Ramadan Iftar support, environmental cleanliness, plantation, work training, art events, etc.

Apart from studying and working, I love to travel. The siren call of adventure has led me across the landscapes of Bangladesh and the beguiling horizons of South Asia. I have visited and stayed in the remote hills, where the tapestry of indigenous and refugee communities unfurls its intricate patterns. I have spent hours listening to the history and life experiences of women from there. Their tales have woven themselves into the very fabric of my being, prompting me to chart a course toward graduate studies in Development Practices, with a fervent focus on indigenous development.

A virtuoso of words and worlds alike, I find solace between the pages of literature's grand tome. My literary soirée encompasses the enthralling chapters of WWII sagas, the timeless elegance of history's classics, whimsical flights of fantasy fiction, and the mind-bending corridors of psychology. But that's not all! My artistic soul finds its voice in the realm of visual artistry, be it wielding paintbrushes or leafing through pages. Canvas and acrylics are my trusty sidekicks, helping me craft tales of color and vibrancy.  

I have always found an insatiable curiosity about ancient histories, cultures, and ethnicities. Embarking on this new chapter of life, I am looking forward to forging connections, unlocking the vaults of knowledge, and infusing the world with positivity one step at a time.