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Daniel Yeboah

Daniel YeboahGrowing up in a developing country like Ghana, I have witnessed people and organizations engage in nature threatening activities such as illegal mining, bush burning, among others in their quest to satisfy ever-growing human wants. Being a naturalist, I developed a strong will to promote sustainable development.

I successfully completed a BA Integrated Development Studies (Environment and Resource Management option) at University for Development Studies, an institution established with the purpose of developing the northern part of Ghana through its Third Term Field Practical Program, which gives students an opportunity to engage in a participatory research in rural communities within the northern Ghana. This experience enlightened me on how powerful Indigenous knowledge is in development. I was then inspired to conduct a research on how Indigenous knowledge systems can be used to conserve biodiversity as my final year research project. Since completing school, I have worked with non-governmental organization that made community participation an essential tool in achieving their project goals. The successes of these organizations and their development projects only attest to the importance of community participation in development.

Hence, I am thrilled to be joining the 2023 MDP program as it would increase my knowledge and equip me with the skills I need to grow in my career.

I am always ready to learn especially from new cultures. I like to play soccer, listen to music and enjoy the intrinsic value of nature when I am free.