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Alice Egbedeyi

alice-egbedeyi-300x300.jpgAlice has over four years of experience in the private and public sectors as a Microsoft-certified educator and development professional. She creates inclusive and interactive e-learning content to promote secondary education and youth development in Africa.  She also develops research-based adult e-learning training solutions to address one of Africa's most pressing development challenges: leadership.

Alice designs and directs interventions aimed at improving pedagogy and learning outcomes for children from underserved communities while working and volunteering with several non-governmental organizations. She is interested in discussions and research on the growing disparity between educational policies and student achievement in Nigerian public schools.

She received her first degree in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Ibadan, as well as a Diploma in Education later in her career. In her spare time, Alice enjoys moments of solitude and reflection. She also enjoys teaching, especially to children, and sharing knowledge with others.