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Jessica Boucher-Cowie

jessica-boucher-cowieI have lived in Winnipeg for most of my life and completed my Bachelor of Arts in International Development and Conflict Resolution from University of Winnipeg in 2020. After completing my degree, gaining some exposure to the field via practicums, volunteering and employment, I am confident in pursuing the MDP program, as it poses an opportunity to further my education in areas that I have a great passion for. Indigenous rights, gender equality, sustainability and environmental rights have always been at the forefront of my interest, and should be topics of priority in the global context, as they interconnect and influence the social and economic climate. 

I am eager to continue my learning and to enhance my understanding of effective and appropriate development, and how the inclusion of an Indigenous perspective is critical for the success of participatory development, and positive change. I hope to use my degree to work closely with communities experiencing systemic hardships, as well as contribute to more collaborative efforts to combat the barriers of housing and infrastructure insecurity, food insecurity, climate change, and gender-based violence.