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Amber Balan

Amber BalanMy name is Amber Balan. The spirit name I was given is Ginew Ikwe translated into English is Golden Eagle Woman, I belong to the Wolf Clan. I am of mixed European and Anishinaabe descent and am a member of the Metis Nation of Manitoba. My familial roots are in and around the High Bluff and Interlake region. I was born and raised in Winnipeg surrounded by many siblings. My maternal grandmother, mother, older sisters, and numerous aunties were strong maternal influences.

Within my journey, I struggled with high school and family breakdown but was determined to further my education in the direction of healthcare. I began my post-secondary studies as a mature student in 2003. I graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2012 with a degree in nursing and a busy young family. I spent the majority of my nursing career working as a primary care nurse employed in Winnipeg’s inner city. Much of my clients were marginalized people, and I came to fully appreciate and understand just how poverty and health outcomes were so tightly interrelated. I am passionate about Indigenous health research, and identifying closing gaps in health by repatriating traditional Indigenous health practices.

I strongly believe that building stronger nations begins at home, one family at a time. My personal interests include spending quality time with family and taking part in activities that bring about balance, keeping us close to each other and creation.