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Student Initiatives

Immigrant and Refugee Student Club (IRSC)

Five students sitting near front lawn.

 The Immigrant and Refugee Student Club (IRSC) consists of immigrant and refugee students at UWinnipeg who:

  • Support one another socially and academically
  • Create a sense of belonging among the immigrant and refugee populations
  • Work with IRSS staff to overcome the challenges of transition and retention by encouraging peers to seek help when needed
  • Act as a voice for immigrants and refugees within The University of Winnipeg
  • Take the lead in planning IRSS social student events

IRSS-IRSC goals are both short and long-term.

Short Term Goals:

  • Make connections within UWinnipeg’s student bodies and groups
  • Promote IRSS immigrant and refugee activities to incoming students
  • Be active on social media to share and promote the group activities or events

Long Term Goals:

  • Establish a stable group that provides help and supports to immigrant/refugee students
  • Be connected with the immigrant/refugee youth organizations in Winnipeg and Manitoba
  • Give support to newcomer students in community agencies when needed and serve as role models and mentors
  • Engage newcomer student populations through dedicated events for UWinnipeg refugee students
  • Create a space to reflect on the journeys of those in an IRSS-IRSC, as well as for immigrant and refugee populations
  • Help plan and participate in the IRSS cultural day in November each year
  • Students who participated in the IRSS social activities can approach a team leader and express her/his interest in wanting to get involved in the group

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