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Survey Administration

The Office of Institutional Analysis (OIA) is responsible for the coordination of institution-wide surveys on campus. The University of Winnipeg's Survey Policy states that the OIA is responsible for:

  1. Recommending policy and process improvements regarding survey administration on campus;
  2. Coordinating the application and approval process of surveys;
  3. Referring survey applicants to the Research Ethics Office as required;
  4. The creation of an annual survey schedule;
  5. Promoting rigorous survey methodology and design.
  6. Ensuring the protection of respondent privacy and confidentiality;
  7. Monitoring the level of surveying imposed on various university populations;
  8. Encouraging the communication of survey results to the UWinnipeg community; and
  9. Reporting annually to UWinnipeg senior administration on survey activity. 

Application to Conduct a Survey

As required by the Survey Policy, surveys which fall within its scope must be approved by the Director of Institutional Analysis before proceeding. 

Surveys which fall outside of the scope of the Survey Policy are the following:

  1. In-class polls, assigned course work, focus groups, event or service evaluations gathered at the point of service;
  2. Surveys or polls conducted by individual academic staff with students enrolled in their courses as part of internal processes to assess the quality of teaching and learning (e.g., course evaluations);
  3. Surveys administered by individual faculty for the purposes of academic research, except in the cases where the Surveys are expected to exceed 10% of the sources population; or
  4. Surveys conducted by labour unions of their members.

All other surveys must be approved. Applicants must first fill out this form. The OIA will review the form and provide applicants with feedback regarding resources needed, timing and feasibility of the survey.

Once a survey has been approved, the OIA will add the survey to the UWinnipeg Survey Schedule.

Survey Schedule

The OIA is responsible for creating and publishing an annual schedule of institution-wide surveys in order to maintain the efficient administratin of surveys and to prevent survey fatigue within certain survey samples. Once applications have been received, the OIA will respond in a timely manner. 

Winter 2020 Survey Schedule