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Prizes and Travel Awards

German-Canadian Studies Prizes

These prizes, donated by the German-Canadian Foundation, is awarded to the two students who obtain the highest standing in at least two courses related to German civilization and literature, or German-Canadian immigration. Students may obtain the list of acceptable courses from either the Chair in German-Canadian Studies or from the Director of Awards & Financial Aid. 

German Consulate Book Prizes

Several book prizes are awarded annually at the discretion of the German Studies section to students who have achieved distinction in German Studies. The prize books are a gift of the German Consulate General in Toronto. 

German-Canadian Studies Travel Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to assist a student who wishes to study at the University of Bamberg or at another university in Germany. The scholarship is open to any University of Winnipeg student who has completed at least 30 credit hours, has proficiency in the German language, and who intends to complete a degree at the University of Winnipeg. Preference many be given to a student majoring in German Studies or pursuing courses in German-Canadian Studies.