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Tuition and Deposits for International Students

How much is tuition for one academic year?

Students benefit from Manitoba having one of the lowest tuition rates for international students in Canada. American students also benefit from the favourable exchange rate to the U.S. dollar, with an average of 1 CAD = 0.80 USD.  

Estimated Tuition & Fees for Undergraduate International Students
for One Academic Year at UWinnipeg:

(September–April 2023-24)

Full course load (30 credit hours in any faculty)

General Fees, Books, and Supplies

Health Insurance (basic and extended for 365 days)

U-Pass (unlimited transit access)

Total $20,255-$24,810

1. Figures are estimated for the 2023/24 academic year and are subject to change. Some programs include additional costs and all fees are quoted in Canadian dollars.
2. Five 6-credit-hour courses, or 30 credit hours, is the maximum course load for fall/winter. International students must maintain full-time status, which is 18 to 30 credit hours per year

For detailed fee information please see Tuition and Course Related Fees


How much does it cost to live in residence?

Residence Options and Fees for One Academic Year at UWinnipeg:

(September–April 2023-24)

McFeetors Hall
Single furnished dorm with meal plan $10,985

Balmoral Houses
Single furnished dorm $5,560

All fees are in Canadian dollars and subject to change without notice.

For more information, visit: Campus Living


Do I need to pay a deposit before I come to Canada?

Undergraduate students who require a visa to study in Canada must pay a deposit prior to receiving their Letter of Acceptance (LOA). Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, U.S. citizens, refugees and refugee claimants in Canada, and visa exempt (eTA eligible) travellers are not required to make a deposit.

Students studying at the high school/secondary school level in Manitoba are exempt from the deposit; however, international students at colleges and universities in Canada who are looking to switch to UWinnipeg are subject to deposit.

Questions about whether you must pay a deposit should be directed to International Admissions: intladmissions@uwinnipeg.ca


What is the process for making my deposit (if required)?

After an international applicant applies and successfully meets the admission requirements, they will be sent a Letter of Offer for admission. This is NOT an Official Letter of Acceptance (LOA), which is used to apply for a visa and study permit.

Once a Letter of Offer is received, the applicant will be required to pay a minimum tuition deposit of $10,000 CAD to The University of Winnipeg. (Student may choose to deposit a higher amount, up to the total of their first year tuition and on-campus housing costs.)  For instructions on how to pay a deposit, please go to International Student Payments

Once the tuition deposit has been received and the student account has a balance of $10,000 CAD, an Official Letter of Acceptance (LOA) will be issued.


How much money should I send?

Depending on the visa applied for, international students are required to demonstrate that they have the funds to study in Canada, both to pay tuition and for their living costs. (For more details, see IRCC’s Proof of Financial Support website).

A tuition deposit and/or pre-payment allows you to demonstrate that you have paid tuition (and on-campus housing fees, if applicable) to the institution. The minimum deposit required is $10,000CAD, but in many regions it is recommended that students pre-pay their first year of tuition.  

It is recommended that you check with IRCC/your local Embassy to verify the recommended amount for region. Send only enough to cover your tuition and on-campus housing.


When is my deposit due?

Deposits are required in order to receive an official Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and are based on the intended start terms outlined in your Letter of Offer. If the payment deadline for your intended start term passes, you can pay the deposit for the subsequent term in your offer and your LOA will be adjusted accordingly. Paying your deposit and receiving your official LOA is required in order to apply for your visa, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time!


Intended Start Term

Deposit Received By

Fall term (September – December)

July 1

Winter term (January – April)

October 1

Spring term (May – August)

February 15


Is my tuition deposit refundable?

Tuition deposits made to The University of Winnipeg to receive a Letter of Acceptance are not refundable, except in the case of a visa refusal.  Pre-payments of tuition prior to completion of the first year of studies are also not refundable. If you do not intend on studying at The University of Winnipeg, DO NOT pay a tuition deposit or pre-payment.

To receive a refund, you must send us a copy of the letter from IRCC indicating that your study permit application was denied. Contact IIRSS@uwinnipeg.ca for more information or visit https://www.uwinnipeg.ca/iirss/information-for-all-students/withdrawal-policy.html.

How do I download my deposit receipt?

Once we receive your payment, we will apply it to your student account.  You will then be able to print your own receipt from our Self-Service portal. Log into your account, go to ‘Student Finance’ and click on ‘Account Detail’ on the right-hand side. Select a term from the drop-down menu and either choose ‘View Statement’ to see all charges and payments for the selected term or you can open ‘Payments’ (in some case it will say ‘Deposits’) and click on one of the underlined receipt numbers on the left-hand side to view the details of a specific payment and to print.

For more details on payments, see this website: International Student Payments

For questions about deposits, please email International Admissions: 

For detailed information on fees, visit:
Tuition and Course Related Fees

For more information on residence, visit: 
Campus Living


All fees are in Canadian dollars and subject to change without notice.