Shayna Plaut

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Shayna Plaut

Global College

  • Europe
  • Human Rights
  • International Affairs / Geopolitics
  • Journalism / Media Studies
  • Refugees
  • Social Issues
Areas of Expertise:
  • Ethics Regarding Human Rights and Research
  • International Human Rights Issues
  • Issues Regarding Roma (Gypsy) Populations
  • Journalism and Human Rights Refugee Issues (Both Canadian and Internationally)
  • Nationalism (and Responses to Nationalism)
Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Romani
Available To:
  • Appear on radio or TV
  • Appear as a public speaker
  • Provide comment to media
  • Write articles
Dr. Shayna Plaut is a self-described activist-scholar. Her work primarily focuses on the intersection of media and human rights. She is particularly interested in working with people who do not fit neatly within the traditional notions of the nation-state. Central/ Eastern Europe, and Sapmi.

Dr. Plaut is currently the research manager for the Global Reporting Centre and teaches human rights courses for Global College at The University of Winnipeg. Dr. Plaut has designed courses on human rights for journalists, artists, and other “producers of culture” in Canada, the United States, and in Europe.

Dr. Plaut also served as a consultant for numerous, US, Canadian, and Balkan-based NGOs, including the UN OHCHR – to draft a resolution recommending concrete measures for providing useful, practical, and needed human rights training to journalists.

Prior to returning to academia in 2009, Dr. Plaut served as the human rights education coordinator for Amnesty International USA-Midwest region developing human rights education across five states.

She received her PhD from the University of British Columbia, her MA from the University of Chicago, and her BA from Antioch College.

Media and Research Expert