Kathleen Venema

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Kathleen Venema
Associate Professor


  • Aging
  • Brain Dysfunction
  • Death / Dying
  • Literature / Creative Writing
Areas of Expertise:
  • Canadian Literature
  • Biblical Texts in Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Life Writing and Auto/Biographical Studies
  • Representations of Disability
  • Representations of Peace and War
Languages Spoken:
  • English
Available To:
  • Provide comment to media

Dr. Kathleen Venema is an associate professor in the Faculty of English at The University of Winnipeg. Her research on early Canadian exploration writing and imperial women’s letters, has evolved into an inquiry into narratives of illness, aging, disability, and care.

Her recently-completed and forthcoming manuscript, Bird-Bent Grass: A Memoir, in Pieces, integrates creative, critical, and theoretical perspectives on the ways issues related to international development; spiritually-grounded commitments to social justice; war; trauma; and loss associated with dementia’s devastations are negotiated in epistolary discourse.

In 2015, Venema completed the Walls-to-Bridges (W2B) Facilitator Training program, in Kitchener, ON. This program trains postsecondary instructors to deliver courses that bring on-campus students into prisons to learn with students who are incarcerated.

W2B courses are unique in their commitment to egalitarian circle pedagogy, which emerges out of Frierian principles, Indigenous pedagogy, decolonizing and intersectional analysis, and feminist anti-racist practice. In spring 2016, she facilitated Indigenous Literatures and Cultures as a W2B course at the Headingley Women’s Correctional Centre, with seven incarcerated and eight campus-based students.

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