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Katherine Breward

Associate Professor

Katherine Breward
Contact Information

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  • Disability Accommodation
  • Diversity
  • Equity
  • Gender and Women's Studies
  • Human Rights
  • Labour
  • Public Health
  • Race
  • Social / Personality

Areas of Expertise:

  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Disability Accommodation at Work
  • Diversity Management in the Workplace
  • Immigrant Adjustment to the Canadian Workplace
  • Labour Force Participation and Employment Equity for Historically Disadvantaged Populations
  • Mental Health at Work
  • Non-conscious Prejudice and Discrimination

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • French

Available To:

  • Appear on radio or TV
  • Appear as a public speaker
  • Provide comment to media
  • Write articles
  • Discuss research with industry, government, and others


Dr. Katherine Breward is an associate professor who specializes in human resource management with a particular focus on diversity programming and combating non-conscious prejudice. Her research efforts focus on identifying evidence-based best practices for maximizing labour force participation and employment equity among people who have historically been disadvantaged in the labour market. This includes people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, and people exiting the criminal justice system.

Breward’s latest research uses large datasets representing thousands of workers with disabilities to model the individual, organizational, and institutional factors that influence employee willingness to request needed accommodations and employer willingness to grant those accommodations. Her research has appeared in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, the British Journal of Management, Equality Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, the Case Research Journal, and the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.

Media and Research Expert