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Conor Whately
Associate Professor


  • Classics
  • History
Areas of Expertise:
  • Age of Justinian
  • Ancient and Late Antique/Early Medieval Historiography
  • Ancient and Late Antique/Early Medieval Military History
  • Roman Balkans
  • Roman Frontiers
Languages Spoken:
  • English
Available To:
  • Appear on radio or TV
  • Appear as a public speaker
  • Provide comment to media
  • Write articles
  • Discuss research with industry, government, and others

Dr. Conor Whately, from Brantford, Ontario, has an BA (Hons.) and an MA in Classics, both from McMaster University, as well as a PhD in Classics and Ancient History from the University of Warwick.

Whately has published several book chapters, journal articles, and book reviews; and has written two books: Battles and Generals and Exercitus Moesiae.

He is currently the sole investigator in a SSHRC research project entitled War and History at the End of Antiquity. Among other things, Whately is writing a textbook on the Roman army and a book on the sensory experience of battle in antiquity, which is aimed at a general audience. Finally, Whately is co-editing a volume on Ancient Military Manuals with Dr. James Chlup from the University of Manitoba.

Media and Research Expert

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