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Riipen Experiential Learning Platform

Riipen is a technology platform that connects educators with a marketplace of companies and non-profits so that students can complete course work or work placements during their learnings.

It can be incorporated into courses at the undergraduate level as a way to support experiential and work-integrated learning.

With successful funding from the Business + Higher Education Roundtable, educators at the University of Winnipeg can access this platform during the 2021-2022 academic year until March 2022.

Resources for Educators:

Interested in using Riipen?:

  1. Sign up to University of Winnipeg portal - Educator Link
  2. If you're ready to book a Matchmaking Session (publish a course/internship and start requesting projects) - Matchmaking Session

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Be active on the Riipen platform. Reach out to companies that interest you based on your course or placement outcomes for your students.
  • Post your course(s) 6-8 weeks before your proposed project start date to give yourself and the Riipen team enough time to make some great matches!
  • Connect with company projects requests within two weeks. Industry partners are to respond within 48 hours of your request.
  • How to invite students to the platform for networking, portfolio building, and chat function.
  • How to invite local companies to the University of Winnipeg portal (free & private.)
  • Remember that the Project Marketplace is driven by courses posted.

New project opportunities are available for 2021. If you would like more information, please contact Nyala Ali, Coordinator for Experiential Learning and Internships.

You may also book a consultation directly with our Riipen representative Victoria MacLean for more detailed information about the platform and services.