What is the Experiential Learning Fund?

The UWinnipeg Experiential Learning fund can help support projects and research --both on and off-campus-- that are rooted in student-centered active learning approaches, and that enhance student engagement, success, and retention.

Eligible projects may include but are not limited to those that:

  • Develop innovative practices and frameworks;
  • Integrate experiential learning into new and existing courses;
  • Develop assessment practices for experiential learning;
  • Build community and institutional partnerships with local, national and international groups
  • Support experiential workshops and teaching initiatives.

Previous project examples:

Faculty of Kinesiology. Faculty members.

  • Funding to advance experiential learning for Athletic Therapy students by implementing an online Health Sciences Placement Network activity tracker and practicum database. For credit. 

Department of Kinesiology and Applied Health. Faculty member.

  • Funding to support the additional of an experiential learning element (canoeing and kayaking at Fort Whyte) to a traditional classroom course (Outdoor Education and Recreation). For credit.

 Department of Psychology. Faculty member.

  • Funding to support the development of a 4-year General Degree in Community and Applied Psychology, which would involve one or more courses that require students to work in the community. These funds would be used to hire a senior student to develop a compendium of potential work placements.

Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences.  Faculty member.

  • Funding to support development of a course through the Department of Environmental Studies and Science entitled Campus Sustainability. For credit once course is developed

 Department of English.  Faculty member.

  • Funding to support a project taken on as part of a course involving designing and creating an innovative space in a portion of the university’s library. For credit.

 Department of Urban and Inner City Studies.  Faculty member & community member.

  • Funding to support the development and implementation of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program at the University of Winnipeg. For credit.

 Various Departments.

  • Field school support.  Funds have been used to pay for additional site visits beyond those originally planned and a range of other related activities.