Faculty and Staff

WGS and DIS faculty

Disability Studies Program Coordinator

Dr. Michelle Owen
Phone: 204.786.9973
Office: 4G12
Email: m.owen@uwinnipeg.ca

Teaching Faculty 2021-22

Dr. Michelle Owen
Email: m.owen@uwinnipeg.ca 

Dr. Kristen Klassen
Email: kr.klassen@uwinnipeg.ca

Kristen Hardy
Email: kr.hardy@uwinnipeg.ca

Dr. Nadine LeGier
Email: n.legier@uwinnipeg.ca

Dr. Pauline Greenhill
Email: p.greenhill@uwinnipeg.ca 

Program Assistant

Anirudh (Alan) Srinivasachari
Phone: 204.786.9878
Fax: 204.774.4134
Office: 4G09  
Email: a.srinivasachari@uwinnipeg.ca