Dr. Peter Ives


Peter  Ives Title: Professor, Political Science


Dr. Peter Ives received his Ph.D. in Social & Political Thought in 1998 from York University, Toronto. He is author of Gramsci’s Politics of Language: Engaging the Bakhtin Circle and the Frankfurt School (University of Toronto Press, 2004) winner of the 2004-05 Raymond Klibansky Prize, and Language and Hegemony in Gramsci (Pluto / Fernwood, 2004) translated into Turkish as Gramsci de Dil ve Hegemonya (Kalkedon, 2011). He has published in journals such as Historical Materialism, Political Studies, Review of International Studies, Rethinking Marxism, Language Policy and Educational Philosophy and Theory. He co-edits (with Adam David Morton) a book series, Reading Gramsci from Pluto Press. He is on the editorial board of Rethinking Marxism and on the editorial collective of ARP (Arbeiter Ring Publishing), a small, progressive publisher in Winnipeg. Peter ives book cover 2

Dr. Ives’ current research focuses on the contemporary politics of language especially the rise of so-called global English. Interrogating the role of standardized languages within nation-building projects and democratic participation, this project analyzes so-called global public spheres and the impact of language politics at the international level. Moving beyond simplistic oppositions of English as either a facet of linguistic imperialism or a beneficial lingua franca, it explores the shifts and transformations in the relationships among language identity, language as a terrain of struggle and power relationships, language as a venue through which states regulate and inculcate their citizens and subjects, and the role of English in global capitalism.


Recent Publications (Selected)

Edited Collections

Thomas Ricento, Yael Peled and Peter Ives, editors, Language Policy and Political Theory: Building Bridges, Assessing Breaches (New York: Springer, 2015).

Peter Ives and Rocco Lacorte, editors, Gramsci, Language and Translation (Lanham, MD.: Lexington, 2010).Peter Ives book cover

Book Chapter and Articles

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