2015 Spring Institute: Public Religion in a Secular World

CLASS: Researching the Liberal Arts and Secular Society


Featuring Dr. Cornel West, 2015 Axworthy Lecturer



Instructor: Dr. Carlos Colorado

Public Religion in a Secular World, May 4-15

Institute sessions run Monday-Friday from 12:30-4:30.

The 2015 Spring Institute “Public Religion in a Secular World” considers the myriad ways in which religious beliefs and practices manifest themselves in the public arena. We will interrogate the concept of “secularism”, examining how the notions of bounded public and  private spaces affect religionists and non-religionists alike, albeit often in very different ways.

The central highlight of this course will be our guest speakers, who will collectively provide an interdisciplinary engagement with the themes of the course. They will bring their areas of expertise to the Institute through focused disciplinary analyses and case studies from across the liberal arts. The course instructor is Dr. Carlos Colorado from the Department of Religion and Culture.

The Institute is an initiative of CLASS, a network of University of Winnipeg faculty members researching the liberal arts and secular society.

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