Dr. Judith Huebner


Judith Huebner Title: Professor, Biology


Dr Judith Huebner is a Professor and the Chair of the Biology Department.  She has also served in many administrative roles including as Dean and Associate Dean of Arts and Science, Acting Chair of Women’s and Gender Studies and Acting Chair of Political Science. She has sat on the Advisory Council for the Margaret Laurence Endowment in Women’s Studies and the Institute of Women’s Studies at the UW as well as the Advisory Council for the Faculty of Theology.  She has participated in several courses in Women’s and Gender Studies and Theology. Since its introduction, she has been a member of the NSERC selection review panel for the Chair in Women in Science and Engineering and for over a decade was a member of the board of the Centre of Excellence in Women’s Health. Most of Dr Huebner’s research is in the area of aquatic ecology where she has been particularly interested in studying the effects of environmental changes related to global warming and pollution on freshwater zooplankton. In addition, she has done research on variables related to success of women in science and aspects of gender in sport. Outside of academia, Judith has sat on and chaired numerous volunteer boards including New Directions and the Women’s Health Clinic, her synagogue and other Jewish organizations.


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